Wax Amaryllis Bulbs

Our Wax Amaryllis bulbs

Want to brighten up your interior with low-maintenance flower bulbs? Why not try these stunning wax amaryllis bulbs that are delivered to you pre-planted and do not need watering? Their low-maintenance nature is due to the fact they are coated in a protective layer of wax that helps maintain moisture and the energy these jumbo-sized amaryllis bulbs need to grow and bloom. You just need to make sure these gorgeous amaryllis get enough sunlight. Our DutchGrown wax amaryllis bulbs have a coiled wire embedded at the base which means you can place them on any flat surface as well as having them freestanding.
When we ship these bulbs, they are in their dormant stage of life meaning they will begin to bloom within 4-6 weeks of delivery. Once they do begin to bloom you can expect 1 or 2 stems to appear producing 4 to 5 flowers.
These DutchGrown wax amaryllis bulbs either come with designs applied directly on the wax coating or with a knitted sock. We think they make a perfect gift for friends and family, especially if they love flowers and plants but struggle to nurture them even if they have good intentions too.

How are these bulbs made?

Our wax amaryllis bulbs are taken through a unique and intriguing production process. To start with we have to select the bulbs and we only pick the largest and best quality bulbs as this guarantees the finest flowers. After this the bulbs will begin to bloom and this is when they undergo the treatment to cover them in a layer of heated wax. It is essential that the wax is heated to the right temperature to make sure it does not damage the bulb.
The wax has 2 purposes in this process; one to keep the moisture and nutrients preserved within the bulb, and secondly for decorative purposes.

ALL of our wax amaryllis bulbs are covered in this protective wax coating including the ones that come in a knitted sock.

These wax amaryllis bulbs are single-use meaning that they will not bloom again in subsequent years.

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